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August 26th-27th                                         12th Anniversary Shoot/ Poker Run Shoot  (ALL COURSES OPEN)


September 4th                                        OPEN LABOR DAY


September 9th                                        PruittCares Foundation Shoot




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Most Convenient Sporting Clays Park to the Greater Atlanta Area


Etowah Valley 1st annual Poker Run Shoot (August 24th-27th)

Poker Run Rules:

First and foremost, this is not a race and it is not a competition to who finish’s first.  
The winning hand is determined by standard 5 card poker hand. Although we will allow only ONE replacement card for a fee at the end of receiving your hand. There will only be one deck used and the cards will be dealt to you.  If it is single person, they will have dealt one to them one to the house until 5 cards is reached. If it is a group, they will be dealt clockwise.

It will be the Red, White, and Blue course which will equal 250 clays. Every 50 clays equal one card. So if you decide to only purchase 100 clays (2 cards) then you will have the opportunity to to purchase cards individually for $5.00 when you are done shooting. Minimum 100 clays to participate.
(So for example if you only want to shoot 100 clays then you can purchase 3 more cards for $15.00 to have a full hand to participate.)

This will be a four-day event (August 24th-27th). This will allow everyone who wants to participate plenty of time. So you can shoot 100 clays on Saturday and 150 clays on Sunday to finish your hand if you prefer. If you choose to do this, we will keep your score card until you return.

Each participant must have a poker score sheet / card, and this must be filled in by the organizers, not by the participant. This card will be filled out at the end. Once you qualified for 5 cards we will deal them to you and you will record them on your score card. We keep all scores/ score cards until the end of the day on Sunday, August 27th.

If there is a tie, the tie breaker card will be the first card dealt so there will be no re-dealing of cards.

Winner will be announced at the end of the day Sunday. (approx. 5:00pm August 27th)

There will be guaranteed $300 cash prize for the winner. ALL purchased cards will be added to the pot.

Thank you to our sponsors, LS Tree Service, The Flower Mart, and Etowah Valley Game Preserve. 


During events some courses may be temporary unavailable but there will always be room for everyone on other courses