MEMBERSHIPS                  DETAILS                                 ANNUAL DUES             INITIATION FEE
CHILD                             Age 16 and Younger                   $75                             $0
INDIVIDUAL                     Age 17 and older                      $150                           $200
HUSBAND AND WIFE        Husband and Wife                     $225                           $250
FAMILY UpTo 5 Family      Members per household*           $300                           $300
CORPORATE BRONZE       6 Employees (Max.)                    $750                          $350
CORPORATE SILVER         8 Employees (Max.)                   $1000                         $550
CORPORATE GOLD          12 Employees (Max.)                  $1500                         $800

 Limited To: 200 Members    

​Calls and/or e-mails will be conducted in the month of March for 2017-2018 Memberships
At Etowah Valley Sporting Clays, we strive to provide the best value for your shooting dollar.
Beginning in 2009, we took that philosophy a step further by offering the public an opportunity to become members of North Georgia's Premier Sporting Clay's facility. We know you will find our membership rates and discounts to be the best value in the State of Georgia! ​We have several memberships available for your consideration.

All Memberships runs from APRIL 1st to MARCH 31st. The benefit of being a member is reduced cost of clays, 5% OFF of bird hunting packages at our sister facility, Etowah Valley Game Preserve and discounted lodge or pavilion rental rates.

HUGE Discounted Shooting Rates for Members!

 Shooting Options                   Non-MemberRate                       DISCOUNT                   Member Rate

 100 Round Sporting Clays                $39.00                                      35%                          $25.50
  50 Round Sporting Clays                 $25.00                                      32%                          $17.00
  25 Round Sporting Clays                 $12.50                                      32%                          $8.50
 5 Stand (25 Targets)                         $12.00                                       25%                          $9.00
  Skeet Shoot (25 Targets)                  $9.00                                        22%                          $7.00
   Trap Shoot (25 Targets)                   $9.00                                        22%                          $7.00  

 Cart Rental                                        $16.00                                     50%                         $8.00            
   Shotgun Rental                                $20.00                                     50%                        $10.00 

All Members will be given a Member ID card. It will be available for pick-up at the front counter. You MUST show it the front desk in order to get your discounts.